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When consumers run out of money, there are often only two options: These individuals can either start making purchases on credit and pile up debt, or they can avoid spending altogether. Unfortunately, life costs money. It is almost impossible to stop spending and still possess the food, clothing, and shelter needed to live. Because of this, many Americans amass credit card debt in order to make ends meet. This can become a serious issue when the credit card company eventually chooses to sue in order to get their money back.

If you were recently contacted by a creditor who wants full restoration of the debts owed and is threatening to sue you, then you may need a Charleston consumer law attorney to come alongside you.

At the Traywick Law Offices, we are devoted to helping those who are working through credit card debt issues. In some cases, consumers may have as little as 10 days to dispute credit card debt before a lawsuit will be in order. If you are being harassed by creditors or threatened with a lawsuit, you need to act immediately. Call us at (843) 343-5092 to begin with a free review.

Credit Card Debt Statistics

At present, the total United States consumer debt is at about $2.5 trillion and households that are dealing with credit card debt have an average of $15,956 to pay back.

College students are among those with credit card debt. According to research conducted by

  • Undergraduates have record-high credit card balances and each student with debt has an average of $3,173.
  • Of all card-holding undergraduates, 21% have between $3,000 and $7,000 in debt on their credit cards.
  • By the time that a student graduates from college, he or she has an average of $200,000 in debt because of student loans and other purchases.

In the end, many American households in debt are forced to declare bankruptcy because they cannot pay back the money that they have borrowed. In 2009, 1.4 million people filed for bankruptcy. Many of these bankruptcies were in part because of the large amount of credit card debt that these Americans were dealing with. 26% of all Americans—58 million adults—admit that they don’t always pay their bills on time. About 56% of all Americans have unpaid balances on their accounts that have been ignored for over 12 months. 26% of these people say that their balance has gotten even higher in the past year, according to the Survey of Consumer Payment Choice by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Contact Traywick Law Offices today at (843) 343-5092 for a complimentary case review. We are here for you and ready to tell you more about your rights and options.

Act Fast when Dealing with Credit Card Debt in Charleston

If you do not answer your lawsuit, then chances are that your creditor will receive a default judgment. This means that the bank or credit card company will have the right to garnish your wages and freeze your bank account as they gather up the finances that they believe that they deserve. While you may need to answer to your creditors about debt, there are restrictions on how this can be done. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act governs how creditors can treat their debtors as they work through a case.

Call Traywick Law Offices for a Free Case Evaluation

Hire an accomplished attorney at the Traywick Law Offices today if you need more information about this. The firm can help to enforce your rights as a debtor and litigate on your behalf when the creditors ask for compensation. Our lawyer can evaluate any contracts that you signed and make sure that they are enforceable. The firm can also make sure that you were charged with just interest rates and that you have not been harassed by a creditor or treated in a way that violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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