Investor’s Rights in South Carolina

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When you invest your hard-earned money into a financial scheme in hopes of bringing in more revenue, there are always risks. While some investments become successful, others can fall to pieces and leave investors without any money.

At Traywick Law Offices, we are dedicated to representing consumers who were victimized or cheated in an investment.

There are many times that investors are abusive or may create fraudulent schemes in order to lure in investors. These individuals are then swindled of their money. Investor fraud is illegal, and those that are attacked financially by investor fraud have the right to seek compensation.

Dedicated Representation for Victims of Investment Fraud

At our Charleston investor’s rights firm, we are dedicated to defending individuals who have lost money because of a shady investment scheme. If we can show the courts that an investment was unsuitable, or that those offering the investment were dishonest, then you may be able to obtain the money that you need. In addition, if you were pulled into an unauthorized trading scam or a breach of fiduciary duty, then you may be able to obtain compensation. Those who are duped out of their money by negligence and fraud also have the right to seek monetary damages.

The Two Types of Investment Failures

When you are cheated out of your investment money, chances are that you will lose your savings. You may even lose your ability to retire like you hoped to.

When it comes to investor’s rights, the courts are very clear that there are two different ways that people can lose money in these ventures:

  • Normal market fluctuation – On one side, there are times that investors lose their money because of a typical fluctuation in the market. If an investment venture simply fails because of the economy or because an endeavor is not successful, then those investors have no rights to litigate. This is because they invested in a concept that was honest and just.
  • Investment fraud / deceit – The other type of investment failure is one that is based on deception or misrepresentation on behalf of another party. For example, if a businessman comes to you and petitions you to invest in his company, but then swindles you of your money and does not give you any of the returns that you were promised, then you have the right to litigate.

If your investment professional misrepresents the nature of the deal, or omits details about the investment until after he or she receives your money, this is considered deceptive. Investment claims may also be illegal if the victim can prove that his or her instructions are not followed or necessary actions are not taken. If you are coerced into investing money under extreme pressure, this may also be a reason to claim protection under individual investor’s rights.

Attorney Traywick is dedicated to seeking justice on behalf of those that are cheated out of their money by a fraudulent or unreliable investment scheme.

Get the Help of a Charleston Investment Claims Lawyer

If you have been cheated in an investment claim and believe that it was neither your fault nor the fault of a failing market or economic problem, then you should file a claim. While some complaints for investment fraud are filed in court, most of them are subject to arbitration. This is an out-of-court negotiation that typically takes place between all parties involved and their attorneys.

You want an accomplished and knowledgeable Charleston consumer law attorney on your side if you choose to pursue arbitration. Most arbitration is initiated after a plaintiff files a claim thought the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. This is the largest independent regulatory authority for securities firms that handle cases in the United States. Our lawyer at the Traywick Law Office can help you as you deal with arbitration or take your case to court.

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