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Trusted Medical Negligence & Malpractice Law Firm In South Carolina

According to national medical malpractice statistics, medical malpractice is—shockingly—the third highest cause of death in the United States, making it the most potent killer just behind cardiac disease and cancer. If you or a loved one was hurt by a professional in the medical field who failed to live up to his or her reasonable standard of care, you deserve answers and support from a legal advocate who is on your side. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Traywick Law Offices is a knowledgeable law firm known for tough advocacy and major results.

What Sets Our Representation Apart

Medical malpractice cases usually settle out of court. In fact, according to the United States Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 93% of all medical malpractice cases are resolved prior to trial. In other words, your case will most likely not go to trial. However, our Charleston personal injury lawyer prepares each case so it is ready for trial. In this way, you are in the best position to achieve optimal results no matter what.

Medical Malpractice Cases In South Carolina

Examples of medical malpractice cases may include:

➢     Birth injuries including cerebral palsy, brain damage, and spinal cord damage

➢  Surgical errors

➢   Medication errors including over medication, under medication, and prescription errors

➢   Anesthesia errors

➢   Diagnosis errors including delayed diagnosis, misdiagnosis, and failure to diagnose

For a free case evaluation with an attorney who cares, contact Traywick Law Offices at (843) 343-5092 now. We’ll be happy to schedule a confidential case evaluation, answering your questions and providing the support and caring counsel you may need and richly deserve.

Will My Case Go To Trial?

For more information, or to begin with a free case evaluation, call Traywick Law Offices at (843) 343-5092 now! We look forward to answering your questions, supporting you, and telling you more.

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