It's Simple: A Good Lawyer Returns Client Calls

The purpose of this blog post is to describe how Traywick & Traywick is distinguishable from many other law firms in the Charleston area.

There is no doubt that Charleston is filled with personal injury lawyers. All of the personal injury attorneys will compete for the responsibility of handling your claim. Most Charleston injury lawyers, at least, the scrupulous ones, will be very careful not to promise they can get you any specific amount of money or compensation if you entrust them with the handling of your personal injury claim. But you will find a pattern among personal injury attorneys in Charleston, and in other places, that is anathema – they won’t promise to do the one thing that really makes a good lawyer a good lawyer, give their personal attention to you and to your case.

Of course most if not all Charleston personal injury attorneys will do a competent job of representing your claim. After all, a personal injury claim, in our view, has an objective value. If you are trying to determine what lawyer you want to have handle your personal injury claim, or workers compensation claim, or medical malpractice claim, ask yourself:

  • Does the fact that an attorney has an army of paralegals and secretaries at his disposal increase the value of your claim in any objective sense?
  • Does the fact that a lawyer has his name plastered all over the television and phone book increase or decrease the liklihood that the lawyer will be taken seriously by opposing counsel or the adjuster assigned to handle your claim?
  • Does the fact that a lawyer is a part time city councilman or a former solicitor matter to the insurance adjuster who ultimately makes a decision about whether to settle, and if so, when and for how much?

What matters are the metrics that objectively measure whether a lawyer delivers superior service. In the view of Traywick & Traywick, the measures of a successful representation are determined by how either we or the client would respond to these questions:

  • Is the result good for the client?
    • It does you no good to give your case to the lawyer who has 100 others just like it and settles yours for nuisance value instead of putting his backbone into the matter and driving for a full value.
  • If the client had a legal question would he pick up the phone and call the lawyer?
    • The answer to this question is going to depend on whether the lawyer demonstrates broad based legal competency, whether personal injury law, domestic relations law, or property law. But primarily, this question will depend on whether the client ever felt he had developed a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with the lawyer.
  • Would the client refer a friend or a family member to the lawyer?
    • Again, the answer to this question turns on whether the lawyer formed a real relationship with the client.
  • Was the lawyer responsive to the client’s inquiries and regularly contact the client to keep the client informed?
    • This is easy folks. Does your lawyer return phone calls, emails and text messages promptly?
    • The number one complaint made by client to the South Carolina Bar about their lawyers is that their lawyers didn’t answer their phone or return their telephone calls.

Consequently, Traywick & Traywick’ philsophy is to handle every representation as if our practice depends upon its outcome. We know that if we handle a case and the client is happy at its conclusion, the happy client will tell 4-5 people that we did a good job. But if we handle a case and the client is unhappy at its conclusion, the unhappy client will tell 50-100 people that we are bad and that we can’t be trusted. That isn’t going to happen. We make absolutely certain that no client is ever unhappy at the conclusion of a representation. Our batting average is 1.000 and we work hard to keep it that way. Contact Us today.


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