Pharmaceutical Liability

Finally, a drug that can give you relief from your ailment! But wait a minute, how long has it been on the market? Has a studied been conducted? Has ALL data from that study been reported? Pharmaceutical companies are rushing drugs to the market to make a profit. This is all the while people with debilitating illnesses are hopeful to find relief in pharmaceuticals. Will the relief from the drug outweigh the bad side effects; or rather the unknown; or known by the drug company, but not telling?

An article in the New York Times talks specifically about how GlaxoSmithKline puts profit above public safety. The British pharmaceutical company failed to report all data on a drug used treat diabetes, Avandia. The missing data involved heart risks as a possible safety risk GlaxoSmithKline plead guilty for failing to report safety data concerning Avandia. Unfortunately, the Avandia case is merely one example of many instances of this type of negligent behavior by the drug company. The lawyers at Traywick & Traywick have specific experience in helping people who have suffered because of this drug company.

The pharmaceutical companies certainly are NOT looking out for you as they are only in it for the profit. NEW drugs, NEW DRUGS to the market, they say! We say it is a liability to rush drugs to the market when all data has not been reported. Let the experienced lawyers at Traywick & Traywick of Charleston, South Carolina help you recover from the gross negligence of pharmaceutical companies. Together, we can hold these companies responsible for their product.


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