Bullying in Schools

October is National Bully Prevention Awareness Month. Bullying is the forceful use of intimidation to make someone do what one wants them to do. Today bullying has reached a whole new level as victims of bullying wish to harm themselves or may even become involved in violence against others. Bullying requires intervention and awareness as it will not go away on its own.

In recent news, a Charleston County teen is now home-schooled due to bullying. The teen was encouraged by his parents to ignore the bullying, and was told that it would likely blow over eventually. Instead, what began as verbal abuse became physical: the victim was pushed into a wall and was jabbed with sharp pencils, leading his parents eventually to remove him for the public schools altogether. Obviously, if the educational system is to work properly, students need to feel safe when they go to school.

Signs that a child may be a victim of bullying:

1. Change in sleep patterns

2. Change in eating habits

3. Profound sadness/depression

4. A sudden drop in grades

5. Mysterious injuries

Victims of bullying can develop feelings of self-worthlessness and general depression. If intervention does not take place someone could be injured or, in more unfortunate circumstances a death, that could have been prevented, may occur. If your family member has been bullied, and has suffered significant pain and suffering or an injury call Traywick & Traywick The team at Traywick & Traywick will assist you in recovering for the damages someone else has caused.


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