Dog Bite

Dogs are wonderful creatures: pets, companions, friends and members of our families. We love our animals, but ownership of a dog comes with a huge responsibility. When I say responsibility I don’t mean just the care of the animal – what I actually mean is liability.

Owning a dog does not have to become a liability if you use your common sense. While dogs are cute, loving and seem to be friendly, they cannot be completely trusted without precaution. There are certainly risks to oneself when owning a dog, but it is the dog owner’s responsibility to prevent their dog from attacking someone else, as well as it is the responsibility of the other person to not provoke the dog to attack.

As a dog owner, here are a few tips to ensure safety to others:

– when in a public space, always use a leash and keep your dog close;

– a dog should not roam free in public areas such as a neighborhood;

– train your dog to know basic commands such as sit and stay; and

– know your dog as to what might provoke him to attack.

As a pedestrian, protect yourself by not approaching a dog who appears to be roaming; and do not under any circumstances ever provoke a dog.

Despite owners’ best intentions, dog bites happen quite frequently.Permanent, visible scarring is a frequent complication in these cases. It is a particularly difficult issue, because often insurance companies value your case purely through application of a rigid formula based solely on medical bills, pain and suffering Traywick & Traywick will make sure you recover from all of your losses, not just those that insurance companies see fit to bestow.


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