Identity Theft

We have all heard about identity theft and have a general idea of how it happens and what it entails, but there is actually a lot more to it than you might think. Information can be used in a multitude of ways, including to obtain credit, merchandise, false credentials, or even to provide false information to police. These crimes are becoming increasingly common as more imposters are helping themselves to the personally identifiable information of others, damaging their reputation, credit, and more.

Types of Identity Theft

There are generally two types of identity theft – true name and account takeover. True name identity theft refers to the theft of personal information to open new accounts, such as credit cards or checking accounts. Account takeover refers to the use of personal information to access a person’s existing accounts, allowing the thief to run up large bills before the victim ever even realizes the identity theft took place. Examples of identity theft include:

  • Medical identity theft: The theft of health insurance member numbers, or other medical-related information, which can be used to receive medical services.
  • Senior identity theft: Seniors are often a target for identity thieves since they are usually accustomed to giving out their personal information. They might fall prey to a scam and accidentally put their information in the wrong hands.
  • Tax-related identity theft: A thief files a false tax return with the Internal Revenue Service using a stolen Social Security Number.

To try to prevent identity theft, it is recommended all individuals regularly check credit reports and always pay attention to billing cycles or follow up with creditors when bills fail to arrive on time.

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